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Lord Lethris seems kind of clueless about Kickstarter
Why does @LordLethris spread misinformation about ONO? Like that it's being built in San Francisco? But they have all the parts and they are being built in a warehouse in San Francisco.So, I don't understand how an unrelated Chinese factory will cause a delay.
From ONO's own update in October, all of the logistics and assembly are being done in China: of the parts which are already approved have been produced and are just waiting for assembly in our warehouse in Shenzhen. Once we receive that final UL paperwork, we can begin final production and assembly and get those packages shipped out to you!  
Why the hell would they ship things over to San Francisco and assemble them with American labor, and then pay even more shipping costs to ship them out, when all of the parts and production line are in China? Lord Lethris doesn't seem to know anything about Kickstarter or production.
I already said I may be wrong.
I was sure I read somewhere that they were manufacturing in a warehouse in San frans'.

But it does seem that I was wrong - And I have opoligised.

However, not sure how that proves I don't know anything about "kickstarter" or "production".
Trust me, I seem to know a hell of a lot more about Kickstarter than the other peeps wondering where the printer they purchased is.

Incedently, now Trump is in charge - it may actually be cheeper to ship to the US for manufacturing Wink
(thats a joke btw, sort of.  I wonder how much TAX Trump will actually place on outsourced manufacturing..?)

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