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Update #44 - iOS Update
Hi all!

Yesterday, the iOS Beta version of the ONO app was approved by Apple! We had a very successful run with the Android Alpha tests and we're looking forward to getting feedback from our iOS users too. To do that, we need to use TestFlight – a testing platform used by Apple specifically for Beta version apps where valuable feedback is collected before the app is released on the App Store. 

[Image: 10a61dbd9a6d7941d1e070b3b1cb890f_origina...22ae97d4ee]In our next update we’ll publish the form where you can send over your details and be selected to help us test the iOS app. Through the Alpha version of the ONO Android app, we were able to fix a lot of the bugs across a sampling of over 100 different phones in just two weeks. 

Thank you to all of you who took the time to help us test the app and improve the overall experience for the rest of the ONO community. We’re now preparing to release the Beta version to all of you so that we can get more feedback before the public launch. We’ll send more information on that in next week's Kickstarter update.

In the meantime, we would like to thank everyone who came down to the Maker Faire in San Mateo and Foster City’s CityFest and stopped by our booth. We’re always thrilled to get to know our backers in person!

[Image: bdd71c20af850cd3b94079dd1e24584c_origina...1e75fe1ae3]

For those who live in Europe, we’ll be attending Maker Faire Berlin this weekend June 10-11. We hope to see you there!
The ONO Team

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