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Update #37 - Production Update
Hi Guys,

We’ve run into a small last-minute issue that involves some of our electronics boards. While conducting our routine quality checks, we found that an unusually high number of them did not properly read the signals from the phone when using different versions of the Android OS. So we had to pull that batch and also run checks on every printer that had already been produced. Basically, this flaw requires us to redesign the PCB with a new micro controller unit to "clean" that signal and make sure the board reads it correctly across all versions of Android. 

This process will take at least one more month, but while we wait for those new boards to be ready, we are continuing the production and assembly of all the other printers. Fortunately, the printer was designed to have the circuit board rapidly installed as one of the last components, so as soon as the new circuit boards are ready we can finish those printers and ship them out. We are sorry for yet another delay, but we want to be sure that all you backers get the best possible printer we can make and don't run into avoidable bugs once you have it. 

Here, you can see a video of the assembly line for the printers. 

The ONO Team
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