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Update #36 - Deliveries Start on March 23!
Hey Everyone!With the certifications in hand, we were finally able to engrave all the logos on the printers. We are now confident that there will be no issues with customs. Starting March 23rd we will begin delivering printers to the first backers!

[Image: 720f8f54b0878eb989c44724dba67e61_origina...f62ee99ac1] 
[Image: 9705358f09fd8e410809b7cb7f85f979_origina...bd14f8df13] 
[Image: 5ace1a5ea6500cd74689eec21ce3fd0a_origina...e9729af1a1] [Image: 7b907c13998a11b218bd1f56a34308a4_origina...f316aa8292] [Image: ace46cc3bd764fe5d30f3aeb006a679e_origina...6014ddaf88]

Also on March 23, we’ll be showcasing ONO at the Luxury Technology Show in New York City. To kick off the deliveries, we have randomly selected 5 backers from the NY area to receive their printers directly from the founders at the event.

We admit, we are starting a bit behind schedule than initially announced. Since we are now officially up and running, UL inspectors have come to certify that our facility is safe and that our production line is following the claims made in the certifications we obtained. It took longer than expected, but we are now in full production mode!

[Image: 5dffad5a6cd483306ae69ef7aa9f5abe_origina...c3e9baf948] 
[Image: 3bf818b67ff32d06d8630b42f8f78c3c_origina...4704c81b9a] 
[Image: 7e44c35d9ee727d96989b077b55874ad_origina...d011dcaa4b] 
[Image: 14556886320bb57beacb1e898d384f09_origina...6848dd2d8b] 
[Image: ed1fd61347422dd62dec74913933456e_origina...b70f1a47c5] 
[Image: bbce0426c4cb5867c7d960eb2b68fe6d_origina...b4ce637214] 
[Image: 19ea2de36f798e74273ca53f10e1f64b_origina...71c50405b1] 
[Image: cff955fb3f68b2ba7d9e16cd3a1ce388_origina...e49a27e8ee] 
[Image: df3495c99cfbf63790292020bb00fe03_origina...addc36c02b] 
[Image: 4bcb602213a5178009910bedbe07c3dd_origina...77c2622516]

Here’s a video of the process to create the logo LED interface at the top of the printer. All this machinery and processing is required just for this tiny part! 

[Image: b46e233c53c3925f18f04b2ced657d8a_origina...f0dd914842] 
[Image: 5432126353373ac7120950900829e75f_origina...feaaf38acd] 
[Image: 2afe29006a9ad4108bce060343f4eca6_origina...b33e8d661b]

As printers start shipping, you will be notified of your package status and given a tracking number when available.Stay tuned for more production and shipping updates in the coming weeks. 

The ONO Team
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