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ProjectONO Mockups - PioneeringStar - 05-12-2017

Hi everyone. I'm Jeff (Pioneeringstar) and I've put together some mockups for the projectONO mobile phone app. We need input and discussion over how this thing is going to work.

My initial thoughts are to use the phone in much the same way as a normal FDM printer that takes spools of filament. So slicing is done on a "Big" machine (PC, Mac, laptop etc...) and the phone simply displays a series of pre-sliced images and drives the printer. That's our starting point right now.

Take a look at the documentation on https://github.com/PioneeringStar/ProjectONO/tree/master/Documentation and tell us what you think here on the forum.

RE: ProjectONO Mockups - PioneeringStar - 05-12-2017

YAY! Message box works!!!! Big Grin

RE: ProjectONO Mockups - Lord.Lethris - 05-12-2017

yep.  lets get filling Smile

RE: ProjectONO Mockups - PioneeringStar - 05-14-2017

So what do you think of the mockups??

RE: ProjectONO Mockups - Lord.Lethris - 05-15-2017

looks good so far.  Is this for android?  Will the app auto slice or will you need to use a 3rd party slicer?
I like the file source idea.

Don't forget to get those images in here too Smile

RE: ProjectONO Mockups - PioneeringStar - 05-16-2017

Mark has been hard at work assembling a Xamarin code-base to build upon. So the app should​ work across any phone, or tablet, that is capable of running a Xamarin app. So that should be the majority of phones, Android, iOS and​ Windows. 

​To begin with, you will need to use your own slicer. There's plenty out there for dekstop resin printers. 

​The mockups are just that. Mockups. These are subject to change, mainly because of its cross-platform nature.

See images attached to this post:
[Image: 1494937222_wq5J5Dk3eZytbQW.png]
[Image: 1494937221_RcxqU9HMJBh7rNE.png][Image: 1494937221_6qjhErE3Es23Vxg.png]

RE: ProjectONO Mockups - Elecarmeli81 - 05-16-2017

Is this designed to work off the Ono or on any marlin/grbl controller ?

RE: ProjectONO Mockups - Lord.Lethris - 05-17-2017

I would guess just the ONO, as the mobile device screen will be the light source.

RE: ProjectONO Mockups - Elecarmeli81 - 05-18-2017

I love this mockup and the beginning of Theo development.  It would be great to be able to run an arduino and display slices from this app

RE: ProjectONO Mockups - PioneeringStar - 05-18-2017

Well the app is a Microsoft Universal Windows App (UWP). So it should, theoretically, work on a Raspberry Pi. But not arduino. The arduino is basically a micro controller, while the Pi is a system-on-a-chip and technically a "Proper" computer. I think that the concept is simple enough to get working on an arduino though, Just not with this codebase.

​At the moment we're aiming to get compatibility with the OLO, but it should be straight forward enough to get it to work with other devices. We're most definitely not the first kids on the block with software like this.